Red Raider Club

Refer A Raider

Help us grow the Red Raider Club by participating in the "Refer A Raider" program!

This program allows existing RRC members the chance to help grow our membership while being rewarded!


How It Works

For each referral invited who then becomes a new RRC member in drive year 2022, the referring donor will receive:

  • 5 Bonus Priority Points per new referral who becomes a new member.
  • Chance to win prizes during each monthly drawing. One additional entry per referral who become a member.
  • Prizes based on the following tiers (to be fulfilled in September)
    • 1 Referral - Signature signed photo
    • 5 Referrals - TTU Hat
    • 10 Referrals - Choice of signed FB,WBB,MBB, or Baseball (Choice of One Ball)
    • 25 Referrals - Football Helmet
    • 50 Referrals - Custom TTU jersey

Referred (new) donors will receive an RRC welcome packet with flag and invites to upcoming events.

How to Participate

To participate, use the form below to Refer A Raider who might like to support Texas Tech Athletics!


Referring Donors

Referring donor must be a RRC member for Drive Year 2022 (deadline August 31, 2022) in order to receive any incentives/prizes/points tied to those donors they refer as new.

Referred Donors

A Referred Donor (New Donor) is anyone who has not made an annual fund gift to the RRC since 2018. They must join at the minimum Matador ($50+) Level specifically through gifts to the Red Raider Club Excellence Fund.