Why Join

Thank you for your interest in Red Raider Club membership.  The Red Raider Club’s principal purpose is to provide the financial support for more than 400 student-athlete scholarships in all 17 intercollegiate sports at Texas Tech.  Your contribution to the Red Raider Club is a lifelong investment into the future of our student-athletes and generations to follow.  Your gift also allows Texas Tech to build and maintain a first-class athletics program that can compete at the highest levels within the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA.

The most meaningful benefit of being a Red Raider Club donor is the understanding that your gift has a profound impact on the lives of young people by directly funding their education.  Additionally, Red Raider Club members enjoy premium athletic department benefits.  Red Raider Club members are the heart and soul of Texas Tech Athletics' excellence.  As a valued donor, you enjoy an exclusive array of opportunities and advantages commensurate with your contributions to the Red Raider Club.


Student-Athlete Education Costs

As financial obligations (tuition, books, room, board) associated with higher education continue to rise nationwide, the Red Raider Club is charged with providing these educational costs for Texas Tech student-athletes.  The expenses of higher education continue to rise at a rate significantly higher than the normal rate of inflation. The Red Raider Club must increase donations to ensure Texas Tech student-athletes have the financial resources to succeed academically.


Red Raider Club Growth

Over the past decade, the Red Raider Club has seen tremendous growth. By contributing to the Red Raider Club, you are playing a vital role in this continued growth by aiding in our efforts to provide a first-class student-athlete experience.

2016 RRC Giving Guide Page 7 

Please Join Our Team

As a contributor to the Red Raider Club, you will instantly become a key component of the athletics department’s success and most importantly, the academic success of student-athletes.  Financial support from Red Raider Club members is an investment into the lives of so many young people, both while they are here at Texas Tech and long into the future, as they leave Texas Tech University with a degree in hand. Your participation is paramount to the success of our entire athletics program as well as each individual student-athlete.

Please give strong consideration to joining the Red Raider Club and playing an important role in the athletics department’s continued success as we strive—To Educate, Serve and Grow Fearless Champions.

Thank you for your support and GO TECH!