Young Alumni Program

The Young Alumni Program was created to help recent graduates give back and stay involved in Texas Tech Athletics.  The Red Raider Club understands that it may be difficult to give back at this point in your life, but it is important to know that even small contributions make a gigantic impact in the lives of our student-athletes. Young alumni receiving an undergraduate or graduate degree from Texas Tech within the last three years can become a member of the Red Raider Club at any annual giving level for 50% of the regular donation requirements, while receiving the full benefits of their chosen level.  

  • Example:  A gift of $100 will give you access to Red Raider Club membership and benefits at the $200 level.

The 50% reduction in annual giving levels can be used up to three years after graduation.  Young alumni are required to give a minimum $100 donation to be eligible for the Young Alumni Program. 


Be sure to check over the membership chart, game day parking lots, and season ticket options available at the many different membership levels before deciding on your donation. 


Red Raider Club Young Alumni Program Benefits

  • The Red Raider Club will give 50% off the regular donation requirements, while receiving the full benefits of their chosen level for three years post-graduation (including graduate school with appropriate documentation).
  • Tax Deduction
  • Football donor parking based off of donation level and availability with the $125 parking fee waived
  • Priority points credited to your account at full benefit level.  Priority points help increase your access to benefits that exist in limited quantities, such as post-season ticketing.
  • Jones AT&T Stadium Donor Based Seating
  • RRC Football Ticket Priority Upgrades
  • Football Away Game/Post Season Ticket Purchases
  • Red Raider Club Membership Card
  • RRC Window Decal
  • Benefits of chosen level listed in brochure, if you choose to donate more than the $100 minimum

Young Alumni Seal

For more information regarding the Young Alumni Program, please contact Red Raider Club.