Priority Points System

Priority points provide an equitable method of allocating Red Raider Club Benefits that exist in limited quantities. In addition to making a lifelong investment into a Texas Tech student-athlete, your gift provides you increased access to Red Raider Club Benefits. The priority point system’s purpose is to offer fair access to high-demand/low-supply benefits to our faithful Red Raider supporters.

Examples of benefits that are impacted by your priority point total include:

Each Red Raider Club member has a priority point total as determined by:

  • Financial contributions to Texas Tech Athletics
  • Season tickets purchased
  • Letterwinner and/or alumnus status


How to earn priority points

Financial Donations

  • 6 points per $100 current year athletic donation
  • 3 points per $100 current year gift in kind
  • 2 points per $100 non-current year donation since 1990
  • 1 point per $100 non-current year gift in kind since 1990
  • 3 points per $100 on current year Red Raider Club event related purchase
  • 1 point per $100 on non-current year Red Raider Club event related purchase


  • 3 points for each year as a football season ticket holder since 1986 or as a basketball, baseball, soccer, or volleyball season ticket holder since 2001
  • 2 points for each football season ticket purchased since 1986 or for each basketball, baseball, soccer, or volleyball season ticket purchased since 2001


  • 25 points awarded to Texas Tech Letterwinners
  • 5 points awarded to Texas Tech Alumni (10 if you and your spouse are alumni)


How the Priority Points Program Operates

Red Raider Club priority points are not “cashed” or “spent.”  They continue to accrue as you make additional donations to the Red Raider Club and purchase/renew season tickets. The system rewards donors for their ongoing commitment to Texas Tech Athletics by providing individuals with the highest cumulative point total and improved access to desirable items that exist in limited amounts.

Priority Points are automatically updated in our database each time you purchase a season ticket or make a donation to Texas Tech Athletics. Each donor's priority point rank constantly adjusts as both you and other donors make additional donations and/or purchase additional season tickets.


How to check your Priority Points

You may check your points online at any time via DonorNet, your online access to your Red Raider Club account.  

Please note:

  • The Priority Points system recognizes only payments received, not pledges.
  • There are a variety of methods to make your gift. Donations may be paid with flexible options such as annual, quarterly or monthly payments. You may choose to pay via credit card, bank draft or payroll deduction (Texas Tech System employees only).
  • Endowment donors are considered active members of the Red Raider Club based on the term of their endowment agreement.
  • The cost of tickets does not affect your priority point total. However, the number of years as a season ticket holder and total quantity of season tickets do impact your priority point total.